Dental Services

Some of the professional services of our state-of-the-art facilities include intra-oral video recordings that can show you the before and after results of the procedure. We also offer micro-abrasive dentistry, nitrous oxide anesthesia (laughing gas), some of the most advanced techniques of dental whitening and fabrication of long-lasting dental crowns and veneers.

You just need to tell us what your needs are and we will be more than happy to meet them. It doesn’t matter if you have dental cavities, have lost some of your previous dental work or are simply not pleased with the color/length of your teeth or your gum display, we will use all our knowledge and technology to help you achieve that smile you have always dreamed of. Perhaps you want to change the shape, spacing or alignment of your teeth; whichever way you wish to improve your smile, we’ll he here to offer the best solution.

Dental Implants ($735 – $840)
Crown over implant ($700)

Teeth Bonding ($100 – $125)

Bridge per unit ($325)

Porcelain veneers ($325)

Noble Metal Crowns ($324)

Resin fillings ($58)

Root canal treatment ($250)

Teeth whitening ($315)

Extractions ($48)

If you are interested in any of the procedure above or wish to have more information, please feel free to browse to through the site. Our dental clinic offers the best services tempered with years of experience in the field and the results of our treatments are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Please feel free CONTACT US. We will more than glad to assist you and will answer any questions you might have

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